History & Stories

Discover Biscardo family’s story, a family with a deep rooted history in Italian wine.

Founded in 1878 as a Veronese wine trader the company developed in the early decades of the 20th century thanks to the activities carried out by Terence Biscardo, the true founder of the company.

Here Grandfather Terenzio and his son Luigi Bisacrdo are photographed in the typical “canevini”, fresh cellars where the family’s typical Recioto and Amarone wines were aged in oak barrels.
Below, the hotel “3 Corone”, which belonged to the family and is where Terenzio’s interest in the wine industry and weaving blossomed.

In the 30s and 40s then even more so after the war in the 50s, Luigi took over the running of the business and thanks to this the Biscardo company soon became one of the most important in the region with cutting-edge investments in the winemaking and bottling areas which lead to new markets opening up, among the first were Italy, USA, England and naturally the rest of Europe.
The images are from the very first exhibitions and fairs of the 20th century, with the simplicity of that period in time but with the strong identity of the brand.
Today the heirs of this traditional Italian wine family, Maurizio and Martino Biscardo, are still following the path of research, quality and innovation – all important aspects which characterise this family brand.

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